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Instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water systems

Our Commercial range of instant filtered water systems are suitable for a wide range of professional applications and environments.

Whether you are looking to install a unit for a corporate office, showroom or residential apartments, Billi has the right solution for you.

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Instant filtered drinking water systems require regular maintenance and filter replacements to ensure optimal water quality and an ongoing high level of performance.

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Billi Rental Plans

Rental Plans

Have you ever considered renting a Billi instant filter water system? At Billi, you can rent various products from our extensive range.

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Spare Parts

Looking for a spare part for your Billi instant filtered water system? Browse through all our common spare parts and replacement product list.

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Billi systems used at the MCG

Case Studies

Some of Australia’s leading organisations and companies have installed a Billi instant filtered water system. Let’s take look at some case examples both nationally and internationally.

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