These terms and conditions form part of the maintenance agreement proposal (“Proposal”) between Billi Australia Pty Ltd (“Billi”) and its customer detailed in the Proposal (“Customer”). The Proposal defines the terms of the maintenance agreement between Billi and the Customer (“Maintenance Agreement”).


Billi will provide the services detailed in Table 2 to the Proposal (“the Services”), for the term detailed in the Proposal (“Term”), and the fees stated in Table 1 to the Proposal (“the Fees”), provided the Customer has pre-paid the Fees annually in advance (unless alternate payment terms have been agreed to by Billi).


The Maintenance Agreement is personal to the Customer and shall not extend or apply to any subsequent owner, assignee or transferee of the Serviced Units.


The Services

The Services shall include the supply and delivery of filters at scheduled times as specified in Table 1 to the Proposal.

The Services do not include call outs, servicing, repairs, parts and labour that may be required for the Term which shall be charged separately at prevailing standard Billi rates.



The Maintenance Agreement will automatically renew upon expiration of the Term for a successive 12 month period unless the Customer notifies Billi, in writing, of its intention not to renew prior to the expiration of the Term.

In the event of renewal, all terms of the Maintenance Agreement will continue to apply save that the Fees for the further Term will either be:

  1. as notified by Billi in writing to the Customer prior to expiration of the Term, or
  2. increased in line with the CPI, where CPI is the weighted average of Australia’s eight capital cities.


Early Termination

Upon early termination of the Maintenance Agreement, for any reason, Billi:

  1. will be entitled to retain all monies previously paid under the Maintenance Agreement,
  2. may recover the balance of monies otherwise payable for the balance of the Term (less an amount representing the cost, to Billi, of filters that would otherwise have been supplied by Billi over the balance of the Term) as an amount immediately due and payable, and
  3. may recover any and all additional damages and expenses sustained by Billi by reason of such early termination or by reason of any Customer breach of any provision of the Maintenance Agreement.


Payment: Direct Debit

Where the Customer has chosen the payment option of Direct Debit, Billi will arrange for funds to be debited from the bank account nominated by the Customer on the agreed date(s). If the debit day falls on a day that is not a banking day, Billi will draw from the bank account on the next business day. Billi will keep all information regarding your bank account in the strictest of confidence.


The Customer must ensure that direct debiting is available from their account and that there are sufficient clear funds to meet the payment on the agreed date. If there are insufficient funds available on the agreed date the Customer may be charged a fee by their financial institution and Billi will charge a dishonour payment fee of $22 which will be added to the Customer’s next scheduled payment.


To alter, stop or terminate the Direct Debit request, the Customer must provide Billi with at least 14 days notice in writing prior to the agreed date or directly with your own financial institution. Billi will notify the Customer at least 14 days in advance if there are any changes to the terms of the Direct Debit.


If the Customer believes Billi has drawn on their account incorrectly, the Customer can contact Billi immediately to address the issue or alternatively the Customer can contact their financial institution.


Billi Conditions of Trade

The terms and conditions:

  1. incorporate the Billi Conditions of Trade as published from time to time at To the extent of any inconsistency, these terms and conditions shall prevail; and
  2. may be updated by Billi from time to time and shall apply as and from the date updated and published at