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1st Feb 2024

Redefining the Modern Residential Kitchen

Multi-Functional Appliances for Multi-Functional Spaces

As working, socialising, and relaxing from home become the new normal, homeowners and designers want to know how to design a multi-functional kitchen so they can adapt their space to cater for more activities. Given that the kitchen is the ‘heart of the home’ and is typically included in an open-plan layout, it is crucial to think of this area in terms of function and aesthetics.

Multi-functional appliances take on a whole new importance when you are looking to maximise space usage, efficiency and convenience in one integrated environment. Below we look at the design considerations when designing a human-centred kitchen space and specifying multi-functional appliances that are centred around modern life.

Accessibility and storage

Over designing storage for multiple single-use appliances is a common mistake. Choosing appliances with dual functions is a great way to save storage and counter space, as you only need to find room for one device rather than two.

Adding functionality to smaller spaces

A well-planned, multi-functional layout makes life simple, even when space is limited. A combination oven and microwave is a practical way to save work space, for example, without reducing cooking options. Another solution is a multi-function filtered drinking water system, which provides boiling water for cooking and hot beverages, and chilled and sparkling water for guests, while eliminating the need for space-occupying water bottles, kettles, tanks and other bulky equipment.

Increasing productivity

A permanently-installed appliance has the added benefit of eliminating the time that is wasted setting up and packing down appliances, or cleaning or setting up a space to facilitate a single task. In addition, a permanently-installed product can be used on demand at any time and does not create clutter. All these factors mean users can achieve their desired outcome quicker and easier and get back to what they were doing without wasting time.

Sustainability matters

Making efficient product choices is just one factor when planning a sustainable kitchen renovation. It is also important to consider the environmental, social and economic impact of your chosen products and materials over the whole product life cycle, from production to final disposal. Additionally, you must also consider what your chosen supplier or manufacturer is doing about reducing waste and emissions in their own operations and supply chain.

While traditional appliances are the go-to for most homeowners, the cumulative environmental impact of multiple single-function appliances can be significant in relation to energy needs, single-use plastic production and transport. For example, filling a fridge with bottled water may seem like a cost-effective solution for on-demand drinking water, but it takes up valuable fridge space and contributes to increasing consumption of single-use plastics. In Australia, we already buy billions of plastic bottles each year, with 53% of those plastic bottles ending up in landfill and 12% entering our environment.

Energy saving and affordable

It is important to conduct a life cycle assessment to consider the cost of ongoing consumables or the need to fully replace an appliance instead of maintaining or repairing. For example, a benchtop sparkling water maker or jug filter may be cost-effective upfront, but both will have high ongoing costs to replace the C02 cylinder or water filter, respectively. An underbench filtered water system that also provides sparkling water may be more expensive upfront but may be comparable in terms of running costs and provides a space-saving and dependable drinking water solution.

Why Billi is the answer for modern kitchens

Maximise space and storage Billi’s concealed multi-function filtered drinking water appliances integrate seamlessly into modern kitchens, offering up to five types of water including domestic water for the sink from a single fixture. With the smallest footprint on the market, Billi’s underbench modules save space and increase capacity for other kitchen convenience items.

Increase functionality and convenience Billi’s Home range is the ideal addition to any kitchen, giving you the convenience of instant filtered water in a range of options, including chilling and sparkling for entertaining or instant boiling water for cooking. Billi’s multifunction tapware offering tactile and contactless user interface, making it the only dual operation dispensers in
the market, with enhanced reliability and the elimination of accidental dispense.

Health and wellbeing

Billi’s water-cooled range of appliances run cooler, quieter and do not pollute the surrounding atmosphere with dust or exhaust heat. UVC filtration can be fit to all Billi products or retrofit to those already installed. UV water purification systems are compact, non-intrusive and are extremely effective at destroying illness-causing microorganisms.

Ensuring the highest level of drinking water available, Billi’s filter range is tested in accordance with NSF standards, an internationally-recognised public health and safety organisation.

Reduce energy consumption

Billi provides eco-friendly and energy-efficient water systems that offer energy-saving heating and cooling processes and time-switch modes to eliminate unnecessary power consumption.

Protect the environment
With its state-of-the-art water filtration systems, Billi sets new standards in environmental sensitivity. Billi’s patented technology
recovers and reuses energy to preheat the boiling water, thereby saving energy. Billi systems also offer unique power consumption advantages, including thermodynamic heat-exchange technology, high-performance polyethylene insulation, and standby modes to conserve power. Recyclability and eco-friendly material choices also
contribute to a low environmental impact.

In addition to providing high-quality water systems, Billi addresses the global plastic problem by offering borosilicate (glass) water bottles, double-wall insulated water bottles, and reusable keep cups to avoid disposable solutions or single-use plastic bottles. The company is also committed to sustainability across their entire operation, implementing renewable energy and waste reduction initiatives across its manufacturing plants.

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