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Advanced Multi-Stage Filtration Technology

Billi prides itself on offering world class drinking water filtration solutions to the Australian market.

Since 2019 Billi has partnered with BWT; Europe’s largest water treatment products company; to provide the highest quality filters for drinking water. Billi’s range of premium filters utilise BWT’s unique Fibron X® technology. This technology features a graded density profile ensuring maximum performance and capacity and provides superior drinking water quality, consistent filter life and peace of mind.

Why is Filtered Water important?

While the quality of drinking water in Australia is high by world standards, many people don’t realise that changes in local factors such as infrastructure & development, pollutant runoff, or even your own household plumbing condition can have an impact on the chemicals and contaminants present in your tap water.

Billi’s range of filters allow you to select the right filtration solution for your needs. Our 0.2 Micron filter provides the highest level of filtration, removing sediment, chlorine, odour, parasitic cysts including cryptosporidium & giardia & lead. Our 5 micron filter provides a more standard option to improve your drinking water by removing sediment, chlorine and limescale which in turns improves taste & odour.

Our variety of filters can cater to all Home and Work environments. See our latest filter brochure for more information on the options available.

Billi Filter Comparison Chart

Billi prides itself on offering world class water filtration products and continues to partner with global leading experts in all areas of water filtration.

Here’s a quick look at Billi’s filter capabilities.

Why do I need to change my filter every 12 months?

Billi’s goal is to always provide the highest quality drinking water available, instantaneously. In order to ensure the quality of your drinking water is to an exceptional standard, and to keep your unit running optimally we require you to change your filter a minimum of every 12 months. Some areas and higher usage sites may require that filter change at a minimum of every 6 months.

Filters accumulate organic matter via the filtration process which can lead to biofilm development. This accumulation can then lead to reduced performance of your product or a reduction in the quality of water being dispensed. While local conditions and the frequency of usage can impact the filter life, minimum filter expectations are put in place to make sure any potential negative impacts are able to be addressed quickly.

Filter changes do not require a technician to attend and we do have DIY resources available to show you the steps here>.

Alternatively you can contact our BilliCare team and we’d be glad to perform the filter change for you. We can even schedule this service on your behalf, as often as you need.

See our service plan options >

Billi Filter brochure

See our full range of premium filters including the latest technical innovations and much more!

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Billi Luxgarde UVC Purification Device

Billi Australia Pty Ltd has been at the forefront of the instant filtered boiling and chilled water systems industry for over 30 years. In that time the Billi name has become synonymous with innovation and quality. Billi products are celebrated for their combination of functionality, performance and contemporary aesthetics.

In recent years, the topic of water hygiene, particularly drinking water hygiene has become a larger priority for commercial Facility Managers, Hospitals, Aged Care facilities and residences alike.

While Billi’s water cooled systems provide a large degree of protection simply by circulating water though the system to avoid stagnation, the ultimate protection against possible water borne pathogens is water treatment, by UVC LED

To solve this problem, Billi has launched it’s industry leading purification device, Luxgarde™. This UVC LED purification device is non-chemical and has been developed and tested to be effective against pathogens up to 99.999%* by
ensuring reproduction of possible pathogens is stopped in it’s tracks.

Billi Luxgarde UVC Purification Device Brochure

See our full range of Billi Luxgarde UVC Purification Devices including the latest Luxgarde case study.

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Select the ideal filter for your Billi product based on your filtration needs.


Billi Pre-Filter range (External)

  • Provides additional filtration support while protecting your underbench system investment
  • Suitable for standalone use as an inline filter solution to cold water supply
  • Compatible with all Billi mixer taps & many other existing tapware manufacturers
  • Cost effective solution for mains filtering
  • Kit provides everything you need for easy setup. Replacement and upgrade filter options can be purchased separately.

See more on our Pre-Filter range in our latest filter brochure here