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14th Dec 2021

Which is Better Sparkling or Still Water?

Hydration is essential for a healthy life; many people prefer to drink chilled still water while others would rather sparkling water, something with a bit more fizz. Sparkling water is water that has been infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure. Filtered sparkling systems are an excellent, natural, and healthier alternative to sugary drinks. Still […] Read more

6th Dec 2021

How to Stay Hydrated During the Summer

  Here’s why it’s important to stay hydrated during the summer Hydration is crucial for brain function, which in turn is responsible for movement, speech and thought. If you become dehydrated, all these functions can be affected. Without water, you will start to feel lethargic, fatigued, and unwell. Headaches are commonly a result from poor […] Read more

1st Nov 2021

Billi Sparkling at home

Interesting Uses for Sparkling Water That You’ll Want to Know. Refreshing, bubbly and cool, sparkling water is the perfect drink for a hot summer’s day. Add lemon, cordial, or mint, and you can elevate it to an even more sophisticated beverage that’s perfect for entertaining. However, while carbonated water is great for drinking, there are […] Read more

9th Apr 2020

Introducing The Firewall Tower Dispenser

Waterlogic’s Firewall® and BioCote® technologies are two key innovations which Billi now brings to the health and aged-care markets with the new Firewall® Tower Dispenser. Billi Australia has been at the forefront of the instant filtered boiling and chilled water systems industry for over 30 years. In that time the Billi name has become synonymous […] Read more

2nd Apr 2019

WaterAid Water Challenge

Billi Australia, as a team, took part in the 2019 WaterAid Water Challenge.  We made the pledge to drink only water for the full month of March.   Most Australian’s are lucky enough to have access to clean water whenever it is wanted or needed. Yet we often take it for guaranteed or turn a […] Read more

1st Mar 2019

World Plumbing Day 2019

March 11 is World Plumbing Day. It is a date that has been fixed on the calendars of the World Plumbing community since its establishment by the WPC in 2010 and is now a fixture on the calendars of political and social institutions around the globe. The international plumbing community, as represented by the Council, […] Read more

22nd Feb 2019

Billi Supports WaterAid’s 2019 Water Challenge

1 in 9 people worldwide don’t have access to a clean water source close to home. But as we all know, water is essential for life and good health. That’s why we are challenging ourselves this March to make water our only beverage. We’ll be improving our health, while raising money to help more people […] Read more

8th Feb 2019

Billi to be the Lounge & Water Sponsor at Australian Health Care Week 2019

Australian Healthcare Week (AHW) is the largest healthcare event in Australia and is the Annual meeting place for the healthcare community to connect, network and explore the future of the design, delivery and operation of Australia’s healthcare system. Billi Australia are proud to be the Exclusive Lounge and Water Sponsor for the 9th Annual Health […] Read more

1st Feb 2019

Billi to attend Total Facilities Expo 2019

Total Facilities leads the future of Australia’s facilities and workplaces through a two-day collaboration into the world of facilities management (FM). Held annually between Sydney and Melbourne, it’s the nation’s single most important business event for FM and like-minded professionals with the common goal of optimising facility and workplace performance. Over two days it presents […] Read more

23rd Nov 2018

Billi in Top 100 Trusted Brands for 2018!

In November 2018, Architecture & Design announced the Top 100 Trusted Brands in Australia and Billi are proud to have been included at number 60. This is a result of the online audiences of Architecture & Design and Indesign voting for their favourite brands in the architecture, building, construction and design industries. There were over […] Read more

19th Feb 2018

Plastic Waste: We Need Action Now

It is estimated 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste has been generated with 79% accumulated in landfill or our natural environment. One of the biggest culprits? Single use plastic bottles. One million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute. Figures obtained by The Guardian show the annual sale of plastic bottles will soar […] Read more

12th May 2017

Billi’s focus on the Environment and Sustainability

Our focus on the environment and sustainability means our instant filtered water units not only save energy, they help save money! Read more from our recent FM Magazine article. Read more

25th Jan 2017


Appliance Industry Legend Winning Appliances Ambassador Rick Hart talks about his experience with Billi. Read more

25th Oct 2016

New Billi Technical Training Promo!

Register your interest in technical training on Billi’s range of products. Check out our video below for more information. Read more

13th Sep 2016

Concept Office Interiors Testimonial

We recently had units installed at the brand new United Energy offices in Melbourne. Grant Gifford from Concept Office Interiors was filmed giving a testimonial on his Billi experience. Read more

13th Sep 2016

Introducing our new Matte White Dispenser Range!

Elegant, contemporary, sophisticated yet simplistic… Whatever your visionary design approach may be, Billi’s latest Matte White finish offers the ultimate design in any kitchen environment. The look of matte white can be described as one of understated elegance with a sense of refined luxury. View the range here Read more