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17th Apr 2024

Revolutionising Workplace Wellness Design

Organisations are grappling with the reality that a substantial percentage of their employees may never return to the office on a full-time basis. Today’s employees’ attitudes are changing, placing greater emphasis on flexibility and relying more on employers to drive a culture of health and wellbeing. Wellness initiatives are no longer a workplace perk; they […] Read more

1st Feb 2024

Redefining the Modern Residential Kitchen

Multi-Functional Appliances for Multi-Functional Spaces As working, socialising, and relaxing from home become the new normal, homeowners and designers want to know how to design a multi-functional kitchen so they can adapt their space to cater for more activities. Given that the kitchen is the ‘heart of the home’ and is typically included in an […] Read more

13th Nov 2023

Sustainability Awards 2023 Champions Revealed

On November 9th, the design and architecture community gathered at the Sydney Cricket Ground to celebrate the 17th annual Sustainability Awards. With 19 remarkable winners and 14 outstanding highly commended accolades bestowed, the evening was a remarkable celebration. It fueled our collective inspiration, propelling us towards a brighter and more sustainable future for the built […] Read more

29th Sep 2023

Multifunction Mixer Tap by Billi Recognised in Australia’s International Good Design Awards

  Multifunction Mixer Tap by Billi Recognised in Australia’s International Good Design Awards for Excellence in Design and Innovation.    The winners of Australia’s peak international design awards were announced on Friday 8 September at the 2023 Australian Good Design Awards in front of more than 1000 guests from the design and architecture community.   Multifunction […] Read more

19th Sep 2023

Fit for the Future – Designing a Hybrid Workplace that Works

Despite the prevalence of remote work, many organisations maintain that employees must physically return to the office, at least in some capacity, to maintain high levels of productivity and feel a part of the workplace community. However, since the pandemic, employees have grown accustomed to working from home and, for health or lifestyle reasons, are […] Read more

25th Jul 2023

Introducing Billi’s Luxgarde™

  Get ready to revolutionise your drinking water experience with Billi Australia’s latest innovation, Luxgarde™! After three decades of leading the way in the instant filtered Boiling and Chilled water system industry and earning a reputation for innovation and quality, Billi is again breaking boundaries with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled protection. In a world where […] Read more

20th Jun 2023

Building design for a sustainable future: Filtered water systems

The built environment: Emissions and waste The built environment generates 40% of annual global CO2 emissions.1 Construction creates an estimated third of the world’s overall waste.2   Approaches to sustainable building Net Zero Utilising passive design, energy-efficient appliances and renewable energy systems to create buildings wherein their total energy production minus their total energy use […] Read more

27th Apr 2023

Sustainable Building

What Does the Future of Sustainable Building Look Like?   While the number of countries announcing pledges to achieve net zero emissions over the coming decades continues to grow, it is clear the gap between the climate performance of the building sector and the 2050 decarbonisation pathway is widening. Of the annual global CO2 emissions, […] Read more

21st Mar 2023

Specifying the Home Water Filtration Systems  

When choosing a drinking water filtration system, you first need to consider the type of contaminants to be removed from the incoming water supply, and how much drinking water might be needed every day. Water filtration systems for the home will often have quite different capacity and flow requirements than their commercial counterparts. Other practical […] Read more

10th Jan 2023

Healthy ideas to stay hydrated in summer

  Up to 60% of our bodies are made of water. We lose water constantly through our skin, urine, waste and sweat – even when we breathe. If we don’t drink enough water, we can become dehydrated, which can lead to health issues.   How can I stay hydrated?   To stay properly hydrated & […] Read more

16th Dec 2022

Deal completed

Deal completed: Strix Group acquires Billi facilitating new growth opportunities for both entities. THOMASTOWN, VIC, Australia –  Following its agreement to combine with Waterlogic Group Holdings (“Waterlogic”),  Culligan International (“Culligan”), has completed the deal to sell Billi, global designer & manufacturer of filtered boiling and chilled multifunctional taps, to Strix Group Plc (“Strix”). This divestiture […] Read more

25th Nov 2022

Christmas gathering preparations

Whether you have an intimate family dinner on Christmas Eve or a full-blown traditional Christmas Day lunch, Christmas gathering preparations are on everyone’s mind at this time of the year.   7 Tips on how to get organised for Christmas Start shopping or make gifts early but be kind to yourself and spread the load over […] Read more

25th Oct 2022

Sustainable drinking water

  Access to clean, fresh water is fundamental to living a healthy life.   Due to the changing climate, rising pollution levels and Australia’s rapidly growing population, the demand for clean drinking water has never been higher. The government has a duty to provide Australians with safe drinking water, but despite their best efforts, water […] Read more

5th Oct 2022

Billi Divestment

Culligan agrees to divest Billi to Strix as it seeks clearance for its global combination with Waterlogic   ROSEMONT, IL, USA – Following its agreement to combine with Waterlogic Group Holdings (“Waterlogic”), a global designer, manufacturer, distributor and service provider of purified drinking water dispensers, Culligan International (“Culligan”), the innovative brand in consumer-focused sustainable water solutions […] Read more

11th Jul 2022

Remote Work in the Design & Construction Industry

Tools for Increasing Collaboration and Productivity Digital Tools & Resources  Billi is at the forefront of digital transformation, providing architects, designers and builders with digital tools and libraries for all their specification and installation needs. Online information repository including Product Data Sheets, BIM Files, Install and User Guides, Warranties and Certifications. Billi BSPEC Generator allows […] Read more

21st Jun 2022

Working in an isolated digital world

  The COVID-19 pandemic has made design and construction companies adapt to a new era of workplace flexibility. More employees are working from home, with less people in the office at any given time. Travelling to key markets to meet with clients is a less common occurrence due to difficulties with travel and quarantine restrictions. […] Read more

14th Dec 2021

Which is Better Sparkling or Still Water?

Hydration is essential for a healthy life; many people prefer to drink chilled still water while others would rather sparkling water, something with a bit more fizz. Sparkling water is water that has been infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure. Filtered sparkling systems are an excellent, natural, and healthier alternative to sugary drinks. Still […] Read more

6th Dec 2021

How to Stay Hydrated During the Summer

  Here’s why it’s important to stay hydrated during the summer Hydration is crucial for brain function, which in turn is responsible for movement, speech and thought. If you become dehydrated, all these functions can be affected. Without water, you will start to feel lethargic, fatigued, and unwell. Headaches are commonly a result from poor […] Read more

1st Nov 2021

Billi Sparkling at home

Interesting Uses for Sparkling Water That You’ll Want to Know. Refreshing, bubbly and cool, sparkling water is the perfect drink for a hot summer’s day. Add lemon, cordial, or mint, and you can elevate it to an even more sophisticated beverage that’s perfect for entertaining. However, while carbonated water is great for drinking, there are […] Read more

2nd Apr 2019

WaterAid Water Challenge

Billi Australia, as a team, took part in the 2019 WaterAid Water Challenge.  We made the pledge to drink only water for the full month of March.   Most Australian’s are lucky enough to have access to clean water whenever it is wanted or needed. Yet we often take it for guaranteed or turn a […] Read more