About Billi

Originating in Australia, Billi has been at the forefront of the instant filtered boiling and chilled water systems industry for over 30 years. Billi products are celebrated for their combination of functionality, performance and contemporary aesthetics. Proudly Australian-made and designed, Billi products have brought a unique concept of underbench instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling drinking water to many countries around the globe.

Manufactured in Melbourne, Australia to strict quality standards, Billi water systems come with an assurance of quality, innovation and sustainability. Incorporating cutting edge eco-technology features and modern designs, Billi delivers solutions that keep pace with the ever-changing needs of its users.



Why Billi

Synonymous with innovation, Billi prides itself on being the leading designer and manufacturer of boiling, chilled, sparkling and still filtered water systems.

With all Boiling & Chilled units manufactured in Melbourne, Australia, we are uncompromising on quality and dedicated to delivering the most reliable, high performance and stylish products on the market.

The Billi range of products include industry leading features such as water-cooled technology, space saving underbench footprints, specialty dispensers, plus a large range of models that do not require cupboard ventilation cut outs or grilles. This makes our units easy to install, energy efficient and user-friendly for all.

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