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25th Jul 2023

Introducing Billi’s Luxgarde™


Get ready to revolutionise your drinking water experience with Billi Australia’s latest innovation, Luxgarde™!

After three decades of leading the way in the instant filtered Boiling and Chilled water system industry and earning a reputation for innovation and quality, Billi is again breaking boundaries with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled protection.
In a world where water hygiene has taken centre stage, Luxgarde™ is the ultimate solution for various sectors, including commercial, Hospitals, Aged Care and residential.

Say goodbye to worries about waterborne bacteria and pathogens, and hello to guaranteed purity!


What sets Luxgarde™ apart?

It’s all about the power of its non-chemical UVC LED purification. This remarkable device ensures effective defence against possible waterborne pathogens, providing your water is free from microorganisms that can cause damage to your health. From coliform, salmonella, legionellae, pseudomonas, and even the hepatitis virus, Luxgarde™ doesn’t leave any room for compromise.

But that’s not all! Luxgarde™ takes water treatment to the next level by eliminating 99.999% of pathogens in drinking water. Imagine enjoying a refreshing glass of water, knowing that germs have been eradicated just before it reaches your lips. Luxgarde™ delivers ultimate protection with precision.

Installing Luxgarde™ is a breeze, thanks to its modular inline connection. It seamlessly integrates with Billi’s full range of products dispensing Still, Chilled and Sparkling filtered water. Additionally, Luxgarde™ aligns with and enhances your WELL and ESG credentials, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable environment. The device’s automatic activation triggers at a flow rate as low as 0.5L/min, guaranteeing rapid and efficient purification.


Luxgarde™ means business

One of the most exciting aspects of Luxgarde™ is its exceptional efficacy against pathogens. To illustrate this, an independent laboratory GAP EnviroMicrobial Services Ltd, tested the device’s effectiveness against Escherichia coli. The results were conclusive, with Luxgarde™ achieving a ‘5 Log Reduction’ in bacterial concentration, indicating its superior capability to eliminate Escherichia coli from drinking water. This ground-breaking technology sets new standards for safe and hygienic water, giving you a peace of mind with every sip.


The secret behind Luxgarde™ lies in its UVC radiation. It operates within the germicidal range of 250nm – 270nm. This short-wave UV light penetrates pathogens’ DNA, RNA and proteins, disrupting their replication process and ultimately rupturing their cell walls. Luxgarde™ puts an end to replication, ensuring other waterborne bacteria and pathogens cannot infect your water, delivering a new level of hygiene protection.


But Luxgarde™ doesn’t stop there. It incorporates additional hygiene protection protocols to guarantee ongoing cleanliness. With its two-minute disinfection cycle, the device eliminates biofilm accumulation during energy-saving modes or extended periods of non-use. It gives you a peace of mind, even when you’re not using it actively.


Billi Luxgarde™ is redefining water hygiene standards and providing a solution for new and existing installations, and combining functionality, performance and contemporary aesthetics. Get ready to embrace a future where water quality is second to none.


Join the water hygiene revolution and make Billi’s Luxgarde™ a part of your life! Discover more about Billi’s Luxgarde™ by exploring our website or contacting us at Billi’s Luxgarde™ is a cutting-edge solution designed to ensure the purity of your water, the safety of your people, and the protection of your family with its UVC LED Purification, guaranteed pathogen elimination and additional hygiene protection protocols. Luxgarde™ offers an unmatched level of safety and peace of mind. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, Aged Care or Health premises, Luxgarde™ is setting new standards for water quality.


Prepare to experience a new level of water hygiene and quality like never before!