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Billi HSD Replacement Filter

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Billi HSD Fibron XT® Replacement Filter


The HSD Fibron XT® Replacement Filter removes Sediment, Chlorine, Taste and Odour.

With a 30,000L capacity and activated carbon media (with minimal bonding agent), this filter ensures high-level chlorine and chemical adsorption.

This filter suits all Billi models (994054 replaces filter model 994004) and it’s ideal for High Sediment areas to ensure premium filtration without compromising on water flow.


**994054 replaces filter model 994004**



  • Filtration Capability: Sediment, Chlorine, Taste & Odour.
  • Capacity: 30,000L
  • Pressure requirement: 80 – 860 kPa, non-shock
  • Temperature: 2-38°C; Must not freeze.
  • Flow rate: 3.8 Lpm



  • SEDIMENT: Filters out particles in the water.
  • CHEMICALS: Reduces Chlorine and organic chemicals.
  • MINERALS: Enables minerals to flow through the appliance without allowing scale build-up.

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