Benchtop Limitations:
Standard installation does not include installations on granite or natural stone bench tops or bench tops that are greater than 48mm in thickness. Font installation is not considered standard installation and is not included in this offer. This will be at an additional cost.

Electrical and Plumbing Requirements:
Sufficient power and plumbing supply must already be in place prior to installation. Any additional electrical or plumbing requirements outside the standard requirements for a Billi unit will be at the customer’s expense. Power and water must be ready for connection at final install location, please refer to product install guide for further information.

Installation delivery area is limited to 50KM from metro areas of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide & Hobart.

Covid health and safety protocols:
If COVID H&S protocols are in place at the time of preferred install we will work to arranging a suitable alternative booking as early as possible.
Billi will prioritise the safety of employees and customers at all times.

Spare Parts:
If extra parts are required during the installation, this will be an additional cost.

Stone Bench Top
You authorise a Billi Pty Ltd representative (‘Billi’) to conduct drilling on the stone bench top.
You acknowledge and agree that, whilst Billi will exercise due skill and care in undertaking such work to prevent any damage to the stone bench top, given the inherent risks associated with the possibility of chipping or cracking as a consequence of undertaking such work, Billi shall not be held liable for any damage that may be caused to my stone bench top as a consequence.

**Ensure you read and understand the full terms and conditions before you purchase the Billi installation. If anything is unclear please contact Billi at 1800 812 321 prior to completing your purchase.