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19th Sep 2023

Fit for the Future – Designing a Hybrid Workplace that Works

Despite the prevalence of remote work, many organisations maintain that employees must physically return to the office, at least in some capacity, to maintain high levels of productivity and feel a part of the workplace community. However, since the pandemic, employees have grown accustomed to working from home and, for health or lifestyle reasons, are reticent to
come back to the workplace on a full-time basis. Due to these factors, employees will increasingly switch between working from home and traditional office buildings in the post-COVID world. This is what we refer to as the “hybrid” workplace.

Making the office a place that people actually want to visit, even when they do not have to, is the most significant challenge for workplace designers.
Organisations need an efficient, compelling and healthy place to work to not only convince staff to return to the office, but to retain existing staff and attract new talent in
a highly competitive labour market. Factors like flexibility, comfort and wellbeing are among the highest priorities for today’s workforce. Organisations need to cater to
these demands within a space that is cost-efficient and sustainable without over-compensating and creating restrictions.

The goal is to achieve the best of both worlds: to keep the flexibility and work-life balance that employees have grown to value from remote work, while also bringing employees back together to foster collaboration, and renew and strengthen workplace ties. The answer involves adding design features, conveniences and perks that try to be more meaningful than those of the prepandemic
past, and spotlight the employee experience as the focus of future workplace design.


How Billi is creating hybrid spaces that work

Originating in Australia, Billi has been at the forefront of the instant filtered boiling and chilled water systems industry for three decades.
Billi products are celebrated for their combination of functionality, performance and contemporary aesthetics and all come with an assurance of quality, innovation and sustainability. The company has brought the unique concept of underbench instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling drinking water to many countries around the globe.

Billi products enable the provision of convenient and value-added drinking water with multifunction appliances that help hybrid workplaces replicate the comfort and convenience of the home
environment. OmniOne is Billi’s latest product range offering Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling water in a single, all-in-one fixture for commercial and residential applications alike.
Manufactured to strict quality standards, Billi water systems come with an assurance of quality, innovation and sustainability.

Incorporating cutting edge eco-technology features and modern designs, Billi delivers solutions that keep pace with the needs of employers and employees in today’s dynamic hybrid work landscape.

Since 2019, Billi has demonstrated its commitment to enhancing buildings and communities to help people thrive as an accredited Cornerstone member of the International WELL Building Institute.
Billi instant filtered boiling and chilled water systems provide designers and specifiers with a way to meet the health, wellbeing and sustainability requirements of the WELL Building Standard, the
paramount global standard for improving overall occupant wellbeing and workplace quality.

Billi also supports high-quality indoor environments with chilled only or chilled and sparkling hydration stations with water-cooled devices that do not raise the ambient temperature, create additional load on air conditioning or negatively impact indoor air and acoustic quality. The Billi range also includes contactless washroom solutions
including soap dispensers and sensor tapware.

Addressing growing concerns around water hygiene, Billi have introduced the game-changing Luxgarde™ UVC Purification Device, an industry leading purification device that combines cutting-edge technology with unrivalled protection. With its non-chemical UVC LED purification, Luxgarde™ ensures effective defence against possible waterborne pathogens, including coliform, salmonella legionellae, pseudomonas, and even the hepatitis virus.

Designed to keep your water pure, Luxgarde™ sets a new standard in water hygiene. Its modular connection allows for easy installation, and it seamlessly integrates with Billi’s Chilled, Still and Sparkling products. Furthermore, Luxgarde™ aligns with and enhances your organisation’s WELL and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable environment.

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