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17th Aug 2021

Instant filtered water systems: an environmentally friendly solution

The impact of bottled water on natural resources is 3,500 times higher than for tap water, scientists have found.

Researchers also found the impact of bottled water on ecosystems is 1,400 times higher than tap water.

Moving forward, It is crucial to improve access to private and public water to buildings where we can bring our bottles and don’t need to buy one.

Instant filtered water systems: an environmentally friendly solution.

By supplying up to three different types of water from a single unit, instant filtered drinking water systems directly address the needs – and wants – of people when it comes to water, reducing the desire for bottled water products. Instant filtered drinking water systems can provide boiling, chilled, still, sparkling or drinking water direct from tap to cup – or reusable vessel.

With chilled & sparkling water being particularly popular bottled water types, having these available direct from a dispenser is a significant step forward in reducing demand for plastics. Instant filtered drinking water systems have self-contained filters, heaters, and carbonators, meaning they deliver all the enhanced benefits of these different water types while still utilising tap water. This makes them a long-lasting and cost-effective solution.

With no single-use parts, the only transportation requirements for instant filtered drinking water systems following installation are the occasional replacement of filters, reusable CO2 canisters for sparkling water, and any maintenance that the units may require. This reduces the need for trucks to be

Billi has been a leader in the provision of instant filtered drinking water systems to the Australian market. Backed by a proud history of innovation, Billi products are fully Australian designed and manufactured. Their in-house innovation and research & development teams continue to look to the future and how to better supply sustainable, environmentally friendly filtered water systems to homes and businesses around the world.

Billi operates in parallel partnership with Waterlogic at point of use for bottled water cooler replacement, and Purezza for hospitality options, ensuring that transportation and resources are used as efficiently as possible. Billi Eco and Quadra ranges are GreenTag® certified, providing a globally recognised guarantee that their products conform to the highest environmental standards.

Billi systems deliver instant boiling, chilled, still or sparkling filtered water direct from the unit, reducing the demand for plastic bottled water in both the home and the workplace.

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