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1st Jun 2021

Sustainable drinking water with Billi

The full environmental impacts of bottled water

Despite having some of the best quality tap water in the world, many Australians choose to drink water bottled in plastic. This may be due to personal preference, such as wanting a bottle of chilled or sparkling water that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to, or due to situational circumstances such as a water cooler being the main option for hydration in the workplace. The damaging effects of plastic production (both for single use and other plastics) on the environment are impossible to ignore, and impact everything from our air quality to the demand for fossil fuels, as well as the significant waste that is generated in landfill, waterways and oceans.

This is where smart specification of instant filtered water systems can make a difference. By offering a complete water system with a range of water types including boiling, chilled, sparkling or still, a filtered water system addresses many of the reasons people choose to drink from plastic. By doing this it can have a positive environmental impact by reducing not only the demand for plastic bottles and the vast amounts of waste that are generated through their use, but the requirements for transport associated with the production and delivery of plastic bottles.

Billi Instant Filtered Drinking Water Systems (a Global Hydration partnership with Waterlogic & Purezza)

For more than 30 years, Billi has been a leader in the provision of instant filtered drinking water systems to the Australian market. Backed by a proud history of innovation, Billi products are fully Australian
designed and manufactured. Their in-house innovation and research & development teams continue to look to the future and how to better supply sustainable, environmentally friendly filtered water systems to homes and businesses around the world.

Billi operates in parallel partnership with Waterlogic at point of use for bottled water cooler replacement, and Purezza for hospitality options, ensuring that transportation and resources are used as efficiently as possible. Billi Eco and Quadra ranges are GreenTag® certified, providing a globally recognised guarantee that their products conform to the highest environmental standards.

Billi systems deliver instant boiling, chilled, still or sparkling filtered water direct from the unit, reducing the demand for plastic bottled water in both the home and the workplace. Billi also offers refillable
CO2 service plan options to ensure continuous sparkling water onsite with scheduled service to suit the CO2 usage of the customer, with all CO2 canisters returned to the supplier for reuse. With periodic plans
and plans available for sites with multiple units, Billi offers a bespoke management system for any customer need.