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8th Nov 2021

What will be the most popular water filter in 2022?

Check out the new water filter trends for 2022


It has never been more difficult to predict the future. Who would have guessed, just a few short years ago, that a massive plague would shut down the entire world? Thankfully, some things are still within our powers of divination. For example, experts in water filter technology can estimate with flabbergasting insight which water filters will be most popular next year.

Looking to get a water filter in 2022? Don’t be caught installing a backwards or unfashionable model. Read on to find out the latest in water filter technology, and hop onboard the latest aquatic filtration trends.

Hot, cold, ambient and sparkling: more kinds of filtered water than ever before

The old-fashioned, traditional water filter could really only provide one kind of filtered water: room temperature. If you wanted to do something a bit different with that water (have it carbonated, for instance, or at a different temperature) you had to augment it yourself.

In 2022, the new trend is for futuristic water filters that give you whatever kind of water filter you want. From practically boiling water (for instant teas, coffees and speedy cooking) to chilled out water for those sweltering Summer days, these new water filtered taps have it all. Bubbly water? Check, they can do that too. And regular old room-temperature filtered water is still available for those who want it.

Some of the most popular water filter taps of 2022


Here are just a few of the taps that are likely to be very popular in 2022:

  • B-5000 Sparkling: A top of the line tap that can do just about everything. It produces boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water on demand, just the way you like it.
  • B-4000: An excellent aesthetic tap with a gorgeous chrome finish. It’s very stylish and sure to delight in 2022. Additionally, it comes with either a Touch Dispenser or a Levered Dispenser — whichever is more to your tastes.
  • B-1000: It’s hard to look past a classic. The B-1000 has sensational visual appeal, and you have your choice of either a Square or Round Slimline Dispenser.


Australian made water filters are a must!

Global supply chains have never been so precarious. Across the world, businesses and consumers are finding it incredibly difficult to get their hands on goods and services. It has never been more important to shop local.

Australian-made taps and water filters are set to have a big year in 2022. A water filtration system can only work effectively if it has a fresh filter installed. How can you be sure that new filters will be available? By getting a water system that accepts filters made in Australia. It’s sensible, it’s convenient, and it’s a boon for Aussie manufacturing.

Incredible water filter technology for offices and working spaces

Offices stood empty for much of 2020 and 2021, as people worked from home. In 2022, it is predicted that more and more people will be able to return to more conventional working locations. And, you arrive back at the office, you may notice something has changed: the water filter.


In offices in 2022, you can expect to see water filter systems that are:

  • Energy-efficient: In these economically and ecologically difficult times, it’s vital to keep power bills as low as possible.
  • No cupboard ventilation needed: Loud fans and noisy water filters are a thing of the past in the office of tomorrow.
  • More compactness in designs: Smaller water filter systems leave more space for important things, like your favourite work mugs.


Author: Water People