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19th Feb 2018

Plastic Waste: We Need Action Now

It is estimated 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste has been generated with 79% accumulated in landfill or our natural environment. One of the biggest culprits? Single use plastic bottles.

One million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute. Figures obtained by The Guardian show the annual sale of plastic bottles will soar to one trillion by the end of this decade — a 20 per cent increase. Some experts are calling this crisis as bad as global warming.


Most of those bottles end up in landfill, where they take a significant time to break down, or in the ocean where they kill marine life. According to Blue Planet, it’s estimated in some parts of the ocean that there are over “half a million pieces of plastic for every square kilometre”. A report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation found the equivalent of a garbage truck worth of plastic bottles was being dumped into the ocean every minute.


To produce 1 litre of bottled water it typically requires 3 litres of water, so the impact of our on-the-go drinking obsession goes beyond the waste in landfill and the ocean.


So, what can you do?

For the general public, the thought of tackling the mounting plastic waste problem can be daunting. A really simple way of working to reduce the amount of personal plastic waste you produce is to carry a reusable glass bottle with you every day and refill using a Billi filtered water system. Some other simple ways to reduce your personal waste:

  • Say no to disposable straws. Glass straws are relatively inexpensive and are a much better alternative. Just remember when you order a drink to ask for it without a plastic straw.
  • Purchase a reusable coffee cup or just take your favourite mug. Some cafes even offer a discount when you bring your own mug.
  • Eat In. It generally only takes minutes between filling up a single use takeaway container and throwing it away. If you can’t eat in, there a plenty of good options for glass or stainless steel reusable containers on the market.
  • And finally recycle! ABC’s War on Waste program spoke to Planet Ark’s Brad Grey about this and he estimates that at least 20% of what is in our garbage bins should be recycled. See more on this here:


The time for thinking about your plastic waste is now. Hugo Tagholm, chief executive of Surfers Against Sewage in the UK, while speaking to the Evening Standard, welcomed steps to cut plastic waste. “The time for action is now and we urge the Government not to kick the proverbial plastic bottle down the street but implement new policies and legislation that the country is crying out for to finally go plastic free.” He added: “We must reinvent our relationship with single-use plastic to eliminate, replace and recycle plastics faster and more effectively.”


Billi and the Environment

By installing a Billi filtered water system in your home or workplace you are taking steps to reduce your single use plastic bottle waste.


There is no need to compromise your lifestyle to reduce your carbon footprint. Here at Billi we are renowned for our eco focus, ensuring our sustainable appliances go beyond water and energy saving. We aim for low environmental impact to enhance the enjoyment of your personal surroundings.


A total quality commitment makes a Billi system Australia’s first choice in water appliances – stylish designs combined with impressive performance. Chilling water creates waste heat energy. Billi’s patented technology recovers and reuses energy to preheat the boiling water, thereby saving energy.


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