Billi Media

2nd Apr 2019

WaterAid Water Challenge

Billi Australia, as a team, took part in the 2019 WaterAid Water Challenge.  We made the pledge to drink only water for the full month of March.


Most Australian’s are lucky enough to have access to clean water whenever it is wanted or needed. Yet we often take it for guaranteed or turn a blind eye and quench our thirst with other beverages such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, cordial, juice or alcohol. Some of which can counteract the benefits of water and dehydrate us even further.


H2O is crucial for one’s health and wellbeing. Up to 60% of the human body is made up of water. Those fluids in your body aid in essential processors such as transporting nutrients, regulating body temperature, maintaining the body’s fluid balance, digesting food and creating of saliva. Yet 80% of Australian adults suffer from chronic dehydration.


We took part in the water challenge, not only to help raise funds to provide clean water to people less fortunate than us, but also to raise awareness of just how important water is to all of us.


We are proud to announce we came very close to our $1000 goal by raising $825, which will provide clean water to at least 2 families.


Thank you all for your support and donations.